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Bolboschoenus yagara

The list of the records from a specific grid cell can be obtained by clicking on it with a mouse.

Map info

  • Current map administrator: Zdenka Hroudová
  • Last change: 11 May 2019 ?

Map info

  • revised records
  • not yet revised records
  • The map does not show records without coordinates and records marked as incorrect or doubtful.
  • reliable record
  • uncertain record
  • erroneous record
  • not yet revised records
  • On the map are not visualized records without the coordinates.

Data sources:

  • Czech National Phytosociological Database
    Floristic Database of the Vysočina Region
    Floristic literature excerptions
    Taxonomic Experts’ Records
    Database of the Distribution of Vascular Plants in the Czech Republic
    Records from the Floristic Summer Schools of the Czech Botanical Society
    Floristic Database of the South Bohemian Branch of the Czech Botanical Society

    Species Occurrence Database of NCA CR

    Records are validated by authors and co-workers of project Pladias.
  • Rules of data use

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