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Habitus and growth type
0–70 m (meter).
Growth form
Life form
Life span
Leaf presence and metamorphosis
Leaf arrangement (phyllotaxis)
Basic leaf shape
Simple leaf division
Compound leaf shape
Leaf life span
Leaf deciduousness in woody plants
Leaf anatomy
Functional leaf type in woody plants
Flowering period
Flower colour
Flower symmetry
Perianth type
Perianth fusion
Shape of the sympetalous corolla or syntepalous perianth
Calyx fusion
Inflorescence type (key)
Fruit, seed and dispersal
Basic fruit type
Fleshy fruit type
Dry fruit type
Fruit colour
Belowground organs and clonality
Shoot metamorphosis
Trophic mode
Parasitism and mycoheterotrophy
Light relationship
Temperature relationship
Moisture relationship
Soil reaction relationship
Nutrient relationship
Salinity relationship
Habitat and sociology
Occurrence in habitats
Distribution and frequency
Elevational belt in the Czech Republic
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Proposed species

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Disclaimer: This application provides approximate species identification. For correct identification it is necessary to use the keys and descriptions in the Flora of the Czech Republic available in the Species section or the Key to the Flora of the Czech Republic.
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