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Sileno vulgaris-Nardetum strictae Krahulec 1990

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Orig. (Krahulec 1990b): Sileno vulgari-Nardetum Krahulec ass. nova (Nardus stricta)

Formal definition: group Geranium sylvaticum AND group Nardus stricta NOT group Arrhenatherum elatius NOT group Cynosurus cristatus NOT group Meum athamanticum NOT group Trientalis europaea NOT Cirsium heterophyllum cover > 25 % NOT Deschampsia cespitosa cover > 5 % NOT Meum athamanticum cover > 5 %

Citation: Krahulec F. (2007): Sileno vulgaris-Nardetum strictae Krahulec 1990. – In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 1. Travinná a keříčková vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic. 1. Grassland and Heathland Vegetation], p. 295–298, Academia, Praha.
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