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Alliance TDE

Deschampsion cespitosae Horvatić 1930

Lowland floodplain meadows

Lower syntaxa

number of results: 5
TDE01 Poo trivialis-Alopecuretum pratensis Poo trivialis-Alopecuretum pratensis more »
TDE02 Holcetum lanati Holcetum lanati more »
TDE03 Lathyro palustris-Gratioletum officinalis Lathyro palustris-Gratioletum officinalis more »
TDE04 Cnidio dubii-Deschampsietum cespitosae Cnidio dubii-Deschampsietum cespitosae more »
TDE05 Scutellario hastifoliae-Veronicetum longifoliae Scutellario hastifoliae-Veronicetum longifoliae more »

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