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Festuco valesiacae-Stipetum capillatae Sillinger 1930

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Orig. (Sillinger 1930): Festuceto (vallesiacae)-Stipetum capillatae

Syn.: Stipetum capillatae Dziubałtowski 1925 (§ 36, nomen ambiguum), Ranunculo illyrici-Festucetum valesiacae Klika 1931, Astragalo-Stipetum Knapp 1944, Festuco valesiacae-Stipetum capillatae Mahn 1965, Astragalo austriaci-Stipetum capillatae Vicherek in Vicherek et Unar 1971 ms., Minuartio setaceae-Stipetum capillatae Vicherek in Vicherek et Unar 1971 ms.

Formal definition: (Festuca valesiaca cover > 25 % OR Stipa capillata cover > 25 %) AND (group Potentilla arenaria OR group Stipa capillata) NOT group Jasione montana NOT group Lactuca perennis NOT Stipa tirsa cover > 25 %

Citation: Chytrý M. (2007): Festuco valesiacae-Stipetum capillatae Sillinger 1930. – In: Chytrý M. (ed.), Vegetace České republiky. 1. Travinná a keříčková vegetace [Vegetation of the Czech Republic. 1. Grassland and Heathland Vegetation], p. 411–413, Academia, Praha.
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