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Alliance TDF

Calthion palustris Tüxen 1937

Wet tall-herb meadows

Lower syntaxa

number of results: 14
TDF01 Angelico sylvestris-Cirsietum oleracei Angelico sylvestris-Cirsietum oleracei more »
TDF02 Cirsietum rivularis Cirsietum rivularis more »
TDF03 Angelico sylvestris-Cirsietum palustris Angelico sylvestris-Cirsietum palustris more »
TDF04 Crepido paludosae-Juncetum acutiflori Crepido paludosae-Juncetum acutiflori more »
TDF05 Polygono bistortae-Cirsietum heterophylli Polygono bistortae-Cirsietum heterophylli more »
TDF06 Chaerophyllo hirsuti-Calthetum palustris Chaerophyllo hirsuti-Calthetum palustris more »
TDF07 Scirpo sylvatici-Cirsietum cani Scirpo sylvatici-Cirsietum cani more »
TDF08 Scirpetum sylvatici Scirpetum sylvatici more »
TDF09 Caricetum cespitosae Caricetum cespitosae more »
TDF10 Scirpo sylvatici-Caricetum brizoidis Scirpo sylvatici-Caricetum brizoidis more »
TDF11 Junco inflexi-Menthetum longifoliae Junco inflexi-Menthetum longifoliae more »
TDF12 Filipendulo ulmariae-Geranietum palustris Filipendulo ulmariae-Geranietum palustris more »
TDF13 Lysimachio vulgaris-Filipenduletum ulmariae Lysimachio vulgaris-Filipenduletum ulmariae more »
TDF14 Chaerophyllo hirsuti-Filipenduletum ulmariae Chaerophyllo hirsuti-Filipenduletum ulmariae more »

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