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Alliance XBA

Caucalidion von Rochow 1951

Thermophilous weed vegetation of cereal fields on base-rich soils

Lower syntaxa

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XBA01 Caucalido platycarpi-Conringietum orientalis Caucalido platycarpi-Conringietum orientalis more »
XBA02 Lathyro tuberosi-Adonidetum aestivalis Lathyro tuberosi-Adonidetum aestivalis more »
XBA03 Euphorbio exiguae-Melandrietum noctiflori Euphorbio exiguae-Melandrietum noctiflori more »
XBA04 Stachyo annuae-Setarietum pumilae Stachyo annuae-Setarietum pumilae more »
XBA05 Veronicetum hederifolio-triphylli Veronicetum hederifolio-triphylli more »

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