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Class XB

Stellarietea mediae Tüxen et al. ex von Rochow 1951

Annual vegetation of arable land and ruderal habitats

Lower syntaxa

number of results: 11
XBA Caucalidion Thermophilous weed vegetation of cereal fields on base-rich soils more »
XBB Veronico-Euphorbion Basiphilous weed vegetation in root-crop fields more »
XBC Scleranthion annui Weed vegetation of cereal fields on acidic soils more »
XBD Arnoseridion minimae Weed vegetation of cereal fields on nutrient-poor acidic soils more »
XBE Oxalidion fontanae Weed vegetation of cereal and root-crop fields in cool areas more »
XBF Spergulo arvensis-Erodion cicutariae Weed vegetation of dry sandy soils more »
XBG Atriplicion Ruderal vegetation of tall annual herbs more »
XBH Sisymbrion officinalis Ruderal vegetation of winter-annual grasses more »
XBI Malvion neglectae Ruderal vegetation of prostrate annual herbs on nutrient-rich soils more »
XBJ Salsolion ruthenicae Annual ruderal vegetation of disturbed gravelly and sandy soils more »
XBK Eragrostion cilianensi-minoris Late-summer thermophilous ruderal and weed vegetation of sandy soils more »

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