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Alliance XCB

Dauco carotae-Melilotion Görs ex Rostański et Gutte 1971

Ruderal vegetation with biennial and perennial herbs on stony and gravelly soils

Lower syntaxa

number of results: 11
XCB01 Melilotetum albo-officinalis Melilotetum albo-officinalis more »
XCB02 Berteroetum incanae Berteroetum incanae more »
XCB03 Dauco carotae-Crepidetum rhoeadifoliae Dauco carotae-Crepidetum rhoeadifoliae more »
XCB04 Dauco carotae-Picridetum hieracioidis Dauco carotae-Picridetum hieracioidis more »
XCB05 Poo compressae-Tussilaginetum farfarae Poo compressae-Tussilaginetum farfarae more »
XCB06 Poëtum humili-compressae Poëtum humili-compressae more »
XCB07 Tanaceto vulgaris-Artemisietum vulgaris Tanaceto vulgaris-Artemisietum vulgaris more »
XCB08 Artemisio vulgaris-Echinopsietum sphaerocephali Artemisio vulgaris-Echinopsietum sphaerocephali more »
XCB09 Rudbeckio laciniatae-Solidaginetum canadensis Rudbeckio laciniatae-Solidaginetum canadensis more »
XCB10 Buniadetum orientalis Buniadetum orientalis more »
XCB11 Asclepiadetum syriacae Asclepiadetum syriacae more »

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