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Alliance XDC

Impatienti noli-tangere-Stachyion sylvaticae Görs ex Mucina in Mucina et al. 1993

Nitrophilous vegetation of forest fringes, canopy openings and clearings with perennial herbs

Lower syntaxa

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XDC01 Stachyo sylvaticae-Impatientetum noli-tangere Stachyo sylvaticae-Impatientetum noli-tangere more »
XDC02 Epilobio montani-Geranietum robertiani Epilobio montani-Geranietum robertiani more »
XDC03 Arunco vulgaris-Lunarietum redivivae Arunco vulgaris-Lunarietum redivivae more »
XDC04 Carici pendulae-Eupatorietum cannabini Carici pendulae-Eupatorietum cannabini more »
XDC05 Urtico dioicae-Parietarietum officinalis Urtico dioicae-Parietarietum officinalis more »

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