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Class XD

Galio-Urticetea Passarge ex Kopecký 1969

Nitrophilous perennial vegetation of wet to mesic habitats

Lower syntaxa

number of results: 6
XDA Senecionion fluviatilis Nitrophilous herbaceous fringes of floodplain forests more »
XDB Petasition hybridi Vegetation of montane and submontane floodplains with Petasites more »
XDC Impatienti noli-tangere-Stachyion sylvaticae Nitrophilous vegetation of forest fringes, canopy openings and clearings with perennial herbs more »
XDD Geo urbani-Alliarion petiolatae Nitrophilous vegetation of disturbed forest fringes with annual and biennial herbs more »
XDE Aegopodion podagrariae Nitrophilous ruderal vegetation with broad-leaved perennial herbs more »
XDF Rumicion alpini Montane nitrophilous vegetation of broad-leaved herbs more »

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