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Alliance XDE

Aegopodion podagrariae Tüxen 1967

Nitrophilous ruderal vegetation with broad-leaved perennial herbs

Lower syntaxa

number of results: 10
XDE01 Elytrigio repentis-Aegopodietum podagrariae more »
XDE02 Symphyto officinalis-Anthriscetum sylvestris more »
XDE03 Chaerophylletum aromatici more »
XDE04 Chaerophylletum aurei more »
XDE05 Chaerophylletum bulbosi more »
XDE06 Anthrisco nitidae-Aegopodietum podagrariae more »
XDE07 Oenothero biennis-Helianthetum tuberosi more »
XDE08 Urtico dioicae-Heracleetum mantegazziani more »
XDE09 Asteretum lanceolati more »
XDE10 Reynoutrietum japonicae more »

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