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Alliance VAA

Lemnion minoris de Bolós et Masclans 1955

Vegetation of lemnids and free-floating aquatic ferns and liverworts

Lower syntaxa

number of results: 11
VAA01 Lemnetum trisulcae more »
VAA02 Lemnetum minoris more »
VAA03 Lemnetum minori-turioniferae more »
VAA04 Lemno-Spirodeletum polyrhizae more »
VAA05 Lemnetum gibbae more »
VAA06 Lemno gibbae-Wolffietum arrhizae more »
VAA07 Salvinio natantis-Spirodeletum polyrhizae more »
VAA08 Ceratophyllo-Azolletum filiculoidis more »
VAA09 Lemno minoris-Riccietum fluitantis more »
VAA10 Riccietum rhenanae more »
VAA11 Ricciocarpetum natantis more »

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