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Association XDC05

Urtico dioicae-Parietarietum officinalis Klotz 1985

Urtico dioicae-Parietarietum officinalis

These are tall herbaceous stands dominated by Parietaria officinalis and co-dominated by Urtica dioica. They occur on continuously wet or summer-dry screes or soils with high stone content on shaded sites. Typical habitats include fringes of ravine forests, unmanaged places in parks and gardens, and the bases of rock outcrops, old buildings and walls. In the Czech Republic Parietaria officinalis is considered to be a neophyte, although it is probably native in Slovakia. There are few relevés of Urtico-Parietarietum from the Czech Republic, but this association can be occasionally found particularly in human settlements and their surroundings.

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