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Class MC

Phragmito-Magno-Caricetea Klika in Klika et Novák 1941

Marsh vegetation

Lower syntaxa

number of results: 8
MCA Phragmition australis Fresh-water reed vegetation more »
MCB Meliloto dentati-Bolboschoenion maritimi Continental brackish marsh vegetation more »
MCC Eleocharito palustris-Sagittarion sagittifoliae Vegetation of large wetland herbs in habitats with periodical changes of water level more »
MCD Phalaridion arundinaceae Reed and tall-sedge vegetation on river banks more »
MCE Glycerio-Sparganion Medium-tall reed stands along brooks and on floating islands more »
MCF Carici-Rumicion hydrolapathi Vegetation of wetland herbs on organic muddy sediments more »
MCG Magno-Caricion elatae Tall-sedge vegetation in littoral zones of oligotrophic and mesotrophic water bodies more »
MCH Magno-Caricion gracilis Tall-sedge vegetation in littoral zones of eutrophic water bodies more »

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