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Eleocharito palustris-Sagittarion sagittifoliae Passarge 1964

Vegetation of large wetland herbs in habitats with periodical changes of water level

Lower syntaxa

number of results: 12
MCC01 Oenanthetum aquaticae Oenanthetum aquaticae more »
MCC02 Oenantho aquaticae-Rorippetum amphibiae Oenantho aquaticae-Rorippetum amphibiae more »
MCC03 Sagittario sagittifoliae-Sparganietum emersi Sagittario sagittifoliae-Sparganietum emersi more »
MCC04 Eleocharito palustris-Hippuridetum vulgaris Eleocharito palustris-Hippuridetum vulgaris more »
MCC05 Scirpetum radicantis Scirpetum radicantis more »
MCC06 Eleocharitetum palustris Eleocharitetum palustris more »
MCC07 Alopecuro-Alismatetum plantaginis-aquaticae Alopecuro-Alismatetum plantaginis-aquaticae more »
MCC08 Alismatetum lanceolati Alismatetum lanceolati more »
MCC09 Batrachio circinati-Alismatetum graminei Batrachio circinati-Alismatetum graminei more »
MCC10 Butometum umbellati Butometum umbellati more »
MCC11 Bolboschoenetum yagarae Bolboschoenetum yagarae more »
MCC12 Tripleurospermo inodori-Bolboschoenetum planiculmis Tripleurospermo inodori-Bolboschoenetum planiculmis more »

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